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Dear Faculty, Administrators and Coaches,

Charleroi Area School District Education Foundation is a nonprofit foundation whose exclusive purpose is to assist in providing funding for educational programs, new technology, equipment, and professional development for the faculty, students and administrators of the Charleroi Area School District. In addition, a variety of scholarships are available for graduating seniors through the Education Foundation.

CASDEF aspires to reach these goals through the following programs initiated by the Foundation:

Adventure Grant Program

  • The Adventure Grant Program offers educators the opportunity to apply for funding of innovative programs and materials that enhance the curriculum but are not available due to budget constraints of the school district.  As an example, sewing machines were purchased by the Foundation for the Consumer Science classes so they could make turbans for cancer survivors. Screen-printing equipment was purchased for the High School Art Department to help establish a self-funded Art Club. Pedometers were purchased for the Physical Education Department. This helped establish wellness programs that are being utilized by both students and faculty.

Wish List Program

  • The Wish List Program gives the classroom teacher the opportunity to request specific materials, programs and equipment to supplement and upgrade their classroom. Through the Foundation’s Wish List Program, laptops and carts were purchased. This enabled the district to expand the use of technology on a district wide level. The Foundation has also assisted in upgrading the Chemistry, Math and Biology Departments by funding the purchase of Advanced Chemistry Probe Ware, Graphing Calculators and Compound Microscopes. Kindergarten students are benefitting from the “Letters Alive” program. This program introduces our youngest students to both the alphabet and technology based learning by incorporating the use of specialized instructional materials.

Campus Connection Initiative

  • The Campus Connection Initiative provides funding for educational opportunities outside of the regular classroom experience for students, faculty, and administrators. These opportunities can cover a broad spectrum of experiences ranging from attending an academic competition to participating in field trips to enhance the district’s curriculum. Educators may also make requests to attend seminars that introduce new and innovative approaches to learning. 


Funding for these programs is limited. However, CASDEF will make every effort to support your request. 


If you are interested in applying for any of above listed programs, please complete the attached application. Once completed, faculty members will need to have the application signed by the building principal.  Administrators will have the application signed by the Superintendent. Coaches will have the Athletic Director sign their application.  The application should then be sent to CASDEF   P.O. Box 382  Charleroi 15022, or e-mailed to CharleroiEducationFoundation@outlook.com. You will be notified by the Education Foundation of our decision.
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