Important Attendance Updates for Middle/High School Only

Important Attendance Updates

Charleroi Area Middle/High School Attendance FAQs

updated/board approved 10/20/2020  ** DENOTES IMPORTANT UPDATES


Is there a general attendance policy that covers both online and in-person learners?

Yes. As stated in Policy No. 204, students who are absent from school due to illness, family emergency, or quarantine are considered to be lawfully and excused from attendance that time period. Absences will be unexcused until the district receives a written excuse explaining the absence, to be submitted within three (3) days of the absence. As the parent, you are permitted to write excuses for absences for a maximum of fifteen (15) days during the school year. For absences after the fifteen days, you will be required to submit a medical excuse.


My student is fully online. How does he/she submit daily attendance?

Your student must fill out the attendance form located in his/her Google homeroom. This form must be completed DAILY between 6:00am and 3:00 pm.


**Are there any other requirements for my online student to be considered present?

Yes! Your student must ACTIVELY participate during the instructional day (7:33-2:16). Active participation means:

  • The student MUST check-in to homeroom daily;·
  • The student MUST watch live classroom sessions and/or watch recorded lessons, if they are available; and·
  • The student MUST complete and submit assignments on time.


My online student was not able to actively participate, do I need to submit an excuse?

Yes. Email your excuses to Excuses must be received within 3 days of the absence.


**My student is an "in-person" learner, and stays home a day, can he/she work online so that he/she is not considered absent?

No. If your student is in-person and cannot attend a day, he/she will be considered as absent and you must submit an excuse. Your student will be given the opportunity to make up any work that was missed during his/her absence.

Although it is an absence, your student may still log into classes and complete the assignments to avoid "falling behind" academically.


My student is an "in-person" learner, but has been sick and will be out longer than a couple of days, what should I do?

Call your student's school counselor and she will be able to set up online learning or assist with other avenues to continue your child's education.

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