CAHS Class of 2020 Graduation Changed to the Stadium

Revised 6/19/20

CAHS Class of 2020 Graduation REVISED Instructions

The school board requested that the seniors complete a revote this week for the graduation
location. Twelve additional seniors took the opportunity to vote this time. The stadium had
more votes this time. Therefore, graduation will be in the stadium. Plans are being revised, but
below you will find what we know to date. Please be sure to frequently check your school email
and the school’s social media for any updates.

We have an optional, but highly recommended, practice day scheduled at 9:00 AM on June 29.
If you cannot attend practice on June 29 at 9:00 AM, you will need to make arrangements to
pick up your guest tickets at the school before noon on July 1. In addition to practicing for the
ceremony, students will receive their guest tickets and photographer order forms.
An adapted ceremony will be at the stadium with all seniors together on the field on July 1 or
July 2. In the event of inclement weather, July 2nd has been reserved as our alternative
graduation date. The need for the inclement weather alternative date will be determined by
noon on July 1. The in-person ceremony is also contingent upon the specific directives from
various governmental groups and safety protocols at that time. Each graduate and family
member must abide by the requirements below and those that may come as we revise our plan
in order to conduct the in-person ceremony at the stadium.

The Ceremony

For the ceremony, the first half will include the procession, student speeches, and diploma
presentations for the honors graduates and then alphabetically. We will stop the diploma
presentation at the halfway point and the seniors will have an intermission on the field. During
the intermission, the first group of guests will leave the stadium and return to their vehicles, the
stadium seats will be disinfected, and then the second group of guests will have arrived on
campus to enter the stadium. Once the new guests are situated, we will continue with the
second half of the ceremony at approximately 7:45. This will include the student diploma
presentations where we left off prior to intermission, the seniors moving their tassels, and the
ceremony conclusion with a ressional. It is imperative that the two groups move in and out as
quickly as possible since the seniors will be patiently waiting on the field to resume their


Each senior will receive three tickets for graduation, but guests will be scheduled to arrive in two
groups. Each guest will receive a program. In the stadium, the three guests will need to sit
together and stay socially distant from other families.

The guests for the first half of the graduating class will be present for the first half of the
ceremony starting at 6:30. The gates will open at 6:00 PM. At intermission, the first set of
guests need to quickly leave the stadium and return to their vehicles.
The guests for the second half of the graduating class are to arrive on campus around 7:15.
These guests will need to remain in their cars until the first group of guests leave the stadium.

Afterwards, the second set of guests can begin to line up at the gate to enter. No one will be
able to enter the stadium until the seats are disinfected. Once the gates open for the second
set of guests, everyone will need to quickly take their seats so we can continue with the

Grad Groupings

We will have someone to record the event and post it online at a later time. We will also attempt
to livestream from the stadium. The information for this will be advertised at a later date.

Graduate Information

All school fees must be paid in order to participate in the ceremony.
You should arrive wearing your cap and gown. You will be on the field for approximately two
hours so make sure you are hydrated. You will remain on the field during the intermission.
All seniors are to arrive at the alumni room on July 1 at 6:00 PM to line up for a 6:30 PM
procession. The side fence will be locked so you will need to enter through the ticket gate.
Since you will have your cap and gown on, you will not need a ticket.
You will process at least six feet apart and we will have your seats 6 feet apart on the field.
Masks are at your discretion.

A professional photographer will take your picture as you receive your diploma from Dr. Mason.
Due to social distancing guidelines, you will not be able to shake hands as you receive your

After the ceremony information

Due to current PA Department of Health and CDC guidelines, immediately after the graduation
ceremony guests will need to return to their vehicles.
You have officially graduated from Charleroi Area High School. Your Google account will be
deactivated so if you have not saved what you need as previously instructed, please do so by
the day after graduation.


Graduation Instructions

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