Computer & Network Technicians

Coleen Krenichen
724-483-3509 X 3232


John Bohna
724-483-3509 X 3092


The role of the Technology Department in the Charleroi Area School is to emphasize the strategic use of technologies to enhance the experience of all learners, efficiently manage operations and improve communications with students, staff and public.

The Technology Department is determined to carefully plan for and manage the acquisition and implementation of technology to ensure that it will support the curriculum and the needs of students, teachers, and administrators. All classrooms have access to the district's high-speed wide area network and online interactive resources so that both staff and students may extend learning and communications opportunities beyond the walls of the classrooms - virtually to the entire world. The district offers training experiences so that all staff members may enhance their skills to apply technology to job responsibilities. 

The district's vision for integrating technology into daily activities in the schools includes incorporating the use of appropriate hardware and software throughout every area of the curriculum. Instead of studying computer science as an end in itself, technology resources are used as teaching and learning tools in each subject.