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Joseph R. Gudac
Business Manager

Barbara Savarno
Payroll & Benefits Administrator

Danielle Patterson
Accounts Payable & Food Service Accounting Specialist
Natalie Waggoner
Child Accounting & Enrollment Specialist



2022-2023 Budget News

Throughout the 2022-23 budget process, the district leadership team has focused on three objectives. First, maintain high-quality education for students. Second, balance the needs of the school district while recognizing the fiduciary responsibilities to the community. Third, to remain aware of the interdependence of all aspects that directly and indirectly affect students' school experience.

"While budgets get more laborious each year, we must establish our priorities," said Board President Ken Wiltz. "The Board has done an excellent job collaborating with the School Administration to plan for areas such as school safety, special education costs, technology, and curriculum."

"This budget reflects our plan to succeed. It is a blueprint for simultaneously building on past accomplishments while funding future achievements. We crafted this 2022-2023 budget with our most invaluable resource, the Charleroi students, at the forefront. Additionally, we placed significant emphasis on supports that will provide our staff with the tools to grow our success," said Superintendent Ed Zelich.

Charleroi School Board proposes a .861 1 mill property tax increase to help the district adapt to the rising costs of goods and services brought on by an 8.6% CPI increase from May 2021.

Student transportation is conducted by the District directly, unlike many other districts that utilize agreements with private contractors. "This has been a great cost-effective strategy for the District," stated Business Manager Joe Gudac. "Unfortunately, there is no ignoring the dramatic cost increase required to continue an operation like this. The raised toll at the gas pump does not go unnoticed when the U.S. cost of diesel fuel increased over 70% from the prior year, and the quoted prices for replacement buses is $40,000 more than a year ago with an 18-month waiting period."

"We are fortunate that this Board saw the potential in energy savings projects over the last five years," continued Gudac. "While the district will still see a monetary impact like the rest of the country for rising utility costs, it will be a fraction of what we would have faced not retrofitting this campus with modern equipment."

The District also faces uncertainty in state funding as a finalized budget is still in hot debate in Harrisburg. Gov. Wolf initially pushed hard for an increase in school funding utilizing American Rescue Plan funds. However, his recent focus has shifted to stimulus checks, and educational financing has taken a backseat as we approach the State's budget deadline. "Budgeting without concrete numbers is a hurdle many similar districts face going into this new year. When an item that makes up 40% of our school's revenue could dramatically shift at the last minute, we must be prepared to avoid disrupting our educational plan."

The tax increase will potentially generate $477,000 in new income under the terms of the $28,090,000 budget. The tax increase will cost Charleroi School District Taxpayers 86Ø per $1 ,000 of their assessed home value, or $86 per $100,000. The new total millage will be 18.435 for the 2022/2023 school year.

"I believe the budget developed over several months with stakeholder input and passed by our Board of School Directors reflects Charleroi Area School District's commitment to providing the best education, no matter what," said Gudac. "It is always our goal to be transparent in our budget preparation."

The budget consists of salaries and benefits for staffing all aspects of district operation, maintenance, transportation, debt service, cafeteria, and supply costs. The District's fiscal year is from July 1st, 2022, through June 30th, 2023. A copy of the budget is available via the District's webpage or upon request at the District Administration Office located at 125 Fecsen Drive, Charleroi, Pa 15022.

125 Fecsen Drive, Charleroi, PA 15022-2299. Phone: 724-483-3509 Fax: 724-483-3776

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